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Where to Study Nebosh


NEBOSH provides a safer workplace environment by offering NEBOSH course in Pakistan. It channelizes the optimum potential of the professionals in the most authentic way by assuring their safety in the fields of health, safety, and well-being.
NEBOSH is a well-known and reliable platform that has been regulating health and safety measures around the world by governing and standardizing safety protocols to save lives. NEBOSH provides the opportunity to the professional in raising their competency in their relevant fields through several certifications.

Why Look For NEBOSH Accredited Learning Partner

NEBOSH only allows accredited learning partners to provide its training and courses to different professionals from different countries. Only these accredited partners are allowed to conduct NEBOSH courses in Pakistan. NEBOSH governs its partner institutes and provides special instructions regarding the courses.

PSS as an Accredited Silver Learning Partner follows all the course instructions from the NEBOSH and provides NEBOSH course in Lahore through certified trainers. Enrolling in institutes that are not on the learning partner list issued by NEBOSH will cost you your time and money without any gain. That’s why you must look for an authentic learning partner.

Pak Safety Solution Offers NEBOSH Course In Pakistan

Pak Safety Solution is amongst the authentic learning partners and a reliable NEBOSH course provider in Pakistan. Since PSS followed all the codes of NEBOSH, it has been awarded a silver learning partner license, allowing us to provide training for NEBOSH certifications.

Through Pak Safety Solution thousands of professionals have completed their NEBOSH course in Lahore and many got certified by completing their course of NEBOSH in Saudia Arabia, UK, UAE, and many other countries by enrolling in a distance learning format. Feel free to check our claim for being a silver learning partner by following the given instructions.

How To Find An Authentic NEBOSH Learning Partner

NEBOSH only allows accredited learning partners to provide its training and courses to different professionals from different countries. Since Pak Safety Solutions is a silver-ranking partner and an authentic NEBOSH course provider in Pakistan, it can be easily found among the names of other learning partners.

There are multiple methods and options to get enrolled in a certain program and the structures of study courses may also vary according to the choice and preferences of the professional. In addition to the structure and mode of a program, the language and the safety modes are also available according to the preferences of the enrollers. To verify the Pak safety solution as an authentic silver-ranking partner of NEBOSH follow the easy step-by-step guide mentioned below.

  • Step 1– Search for the NEBOSH website on the search toolbar on Google.
  • Sep 2– Look for the “Where To Study” heading on the top bar of your screen on your desktop, and click the option
  • Step 3– Upon clicking on this option a new page will appear with a “Find A Learning Partner” button. Please click the button and a new window will open.
  • Step 4– On step one of the search option select your qualification. For example select “International General Certificate 2018 spec (IG1, IG2)- June 2020
  • Step 5– In the next step select your country (Pakistan) and location (Lahore).
  • Step 6– In the next step choose a mode of study such as full-time block release/part-time & evening/ Open and distance learning / E-learning etc. After selecting all these options click on the “Search” button.
  • On this page, you can find Pak Safety Solutions as a silver-ranking partner of NEBOSH.

Why Join Pak Safety Solution For NEBOSH Course in Lahore

Being an accredited NEBOSH learning partner Pak Safety Solutions has NEBOSH-certified trainers and unique training methods that fuel its uniqueness and help it to stand out among a number of other training platforms.

Pak Safety Solution is the most reliable source to get enrolled in a NEBOSH course in Pakistan. NEBOSH has categorized its partners through a ranking system. Since Pak Safety Solution is a silver-ranking partner with NEBOSH with center no. 1404, it provides services in almost every field such as oil, gas, petroleum, engineering, etc.

PSS offers the most affordable NEBOSH Course fee structure, which makes it the best option to learn the NEBOSH course in Lahore.

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