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International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety


NEBOSH stands for the National examination board in occupational safety and health, which provides internationally acclaimed health and safety qualifications. NEBOSH is a leading certification for occupational safety, health, and environmental management courses. They provide all levels of qualifications, ranging from certificates, diplomas and degrees in association with the University of Hull.
Through NEBOSH certifications, occupational health and safety-OHS professionals, environmental practitioners, and other organizations globally have improvised their risk management skills. Several firms across the world recommend NEBOSH courses to their new employees.


Welcome to Pak Safety Solutions – Pak Safety Solutions is an accredited body providing a wide range of Nebosh IGC international General Certificate course in Lahore Pakistan, including the Nebosh International General Certificate (IGC), Nebosh certification in Process Safety Management (PSM), etc.

The popular Nebosh IGC (International General Certificate) In Occupational Health & Safety courses in Lahore Pakistan is NEBOSH IGC, and Pak Safety Solutions has been offering this course for 10 years. It is regarded as the most renowned and consistently ranked health and safety management qualification. The significance of the NEBOSH IGC Course in Pakistan is growing every day. In the present era, every organization prefers candidates with NEBOSH qualifications.

Any workplace can be made safer by using the NEBOSH Course’s skills, which also boosts productivity and efficiency. This can help both a firm’s performance and a person’s position inside the company. Since the Nebosh course is recognized worldwide, most nations in the world, notably those in the Gulf, have easy job markets for the qualifiers of this course.

Why Should You Enrol with PSS for NEBOSH in Lahore?

Pak Safety Solutions is an authorized provider of NEBOSH courses in Lahore and a SILVER learning partner of Nebosh with center no.1404. We give our students the best possible experience for picking us over all the other NEBOSH course providers in Pakistan.

The benefits of choosing Pak Safety Solutions for NEBOSH IGC training in Lahore, Pakistan, include the following: 

  • The professional instructors at Pak Safety Solutions receive ongoing training under international regulations and offer NEBOSH courses that cover the most recent knowledge.
  • We have ten years of experience in the NEBOSH courses and training industry personnel. As a result, we have assembled a group of internationally competent and accredited trainers for NEBOSH course instruction in facilities in Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad, as well as abroad.
  • Pak Safety Solutions provides trainer support even after the sessions are over if a question arises after the class. When Pak Safety Solutions accepts a student, they offer guidance all the way through.
  • Pak Safety Solutions recognizes students’ difficulties and provides special benefits to those taking the NEBOSH IGC course in Lahore. The cost of a hostel stay includes food and other necessities. This effort sets us apart from others since it ensures students’ comfort while learning.
  • To combat the problem of becoming confused in interviews, PSS teaches its students how to develop various interviewing skills.
  • Complete course notes and additional test materials are provided by PSS, which aids in students’ ability to pass exams with high marks and gain a solid understanding of the taught course.

NEBOSH IGC Scope in industries:

Everything a student needs to know about the duties of a health and safety professional is covered in the NEBOSH IGC course. Students who complete the NEBOSH in Lahore, Pakistan, may get employment in the department of health and safety in a variety of industries, such as:

In House Trainings

After the completion of NEBOSH IGC course in Lahore, you can start working as a Health and Safety (HSE) officer or Safety officer in Pakistan and in gulf countries like Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Muscat, and Qatar. Since NEBOSH is a globally recognized and validated qualification, having 3-5 Year work experience as an HSE officer, you can continue your career by promoting to below mentioned designations:


NEBOSH International General Certificate (NEBOSH-IGC) is an accredited occupational health and safety qualification recognized globally. The course is intended for all employment types, regardless of their understanding. NEBOSH IGC is designed for personnel who wish to gain in-depth knowledge of health and safety management at the workplace and to assure health and safety of the workforce.

NEBOSH Course in Lahore, Pakistan

PAK Safety Solutions (PSS) is an authorized center of the UK’s leading health and safety board NEBOSH IGC course in Pakistan, with an approved center number 1404. PSS was awarded a Silver Learning Partner in 2019. Since then, PAK Safety Solutions has delivered several courses and trained hundreds of professionals offering their services globally. Our internationally qualified and experienced tutors/trainers have been offering the NEBOSH IGC Course in Pakistan for the last ten years with great responsibility.


Over the years of its excellence, more than 90,000 professionals have taken the International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety course. NEBOSH IGC course is designed to fulfill the current market needs and ensure safety in the workplace. 
It is a significant part of health and safety law to protect all employees from potential safety hazards at the workplace. Abiding by the rule, the responsibility comes down to each employee seeking a career in such fields. Occupational safety, health and risk management courses like NEBOSH IGC Pakistan have made it easier for professionals around the world to step stone to success in the workplace through occupational health and safety, risk management skills. 
NEBOSH-IGC also gets its worth from several prestigious organizations such as Maersk, Shell, BP, Skanska, Nestle, and the many others; who believe the course can help to:


Following the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 the UK, all workers should be health and safety and risk management trained. NEBOSH-IGC course provides a platform for personnel worldwide to get themselves certified according to international standards. Moreover, Pakistan's IGC course training institute is an accredited center for employees to take higher-level management training for the health and safety team. Therefore, this course is ideal for managers, supervisors, safety inspectors, CEOs, Directors, OHS & E managers, and also other professionals related to health, safety, and risk management jobs, regardless of their expertise level.


Below is the layout of the NEBOSH IGC course in Pakistan units:

Unit IG1: Management of Health and Safety

Unit IG2: Risk Assessment


NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety ensures engaged learning that helps personnel in their occupational safety and risk management. To do so, NEBOSH centers worldwide evaluate students through both paper-based and practical, in-field exams, as described below:

IG1 is an open book exam that includes case-study-based questions. This tests student’s thorough knowledge of the certification. Following the NEBOSH-IGC open book exam, an interview will be conducted, questioning the submitted responses and evaluating students' understanding of the subject.

IG2- is a risk assessment evaluation of their workplace following NEBOSH IG syllabus elements 1-11. Both IG-1 and IG-2 will be marked by an external examiner, directly appointed by the NEBOSH, UK. These examiners are well-qualified and have relevant expertise.

Open Book Examination (OBE)

NEBOSH open book exam (OBE) is an initiative that enables students to take the exam at home or in protected environment where they can effortlessly concentrate and conduct the examination at their own pace. Previously taken invigilated paper-based exam is now replaced with a digital assessment, during which students have 24 hours to assess the paper and submit it. The paper shall be available at 11am (UK time) on the examination date, and students have access to all resources while answering the paper.


NEBOSH IGC is a level 3 certification that is ideal for gain well-being at the workplace and reducing hazards and work related illnesses. Although there are no complex rules and entry requirements, the students hoped to have a basic English understanding. NEBOSH recommends that all learners enrolled in the NEBOSH IGC course have English equivalent to the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) band score of 6 or higher, the basic learners level. Moreover, the course does not require any additional credentials to start with, nor any prior knowledge regarding health and safety measurements is needed.


NEBOSH IGC Course in Pakistan qualifier can:

Moreover, NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety is accredited by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA), through which NEBOSH holds the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) Level 6 with 15 SCQF credit points. That is also comparable to RQF/CQFW Level 3 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
Pak Safety Solutions provides a platform through NEBOSH IGC course in Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore, as well as, international professionals to gain these UK-accredited qualifications and excel in their careers.

Lecturer conducts a lecture, training.


Several prestigious institutions globally, such as Maersk, Shell, BP, Skanska, Nestle, and many others, trust NEBOSH certifications and hire NEBOSH-IGC-qualified employees. Through the NEBOSH course in Pakistan, many students have secured a job in these top-notch companies. Students passing out from PAK Safety Solutions- NEBOSH training center Lahore stand out in the competition and get hired instantly for high-paying jobs in their field.
Also, many NEBOSH certified professionals also opt for IDIP level 6 courses and other honors and master's degrees that can be achieved after passing NEBOSH IGC.


PAK Safety Solutions is a licensed course provider for NEBOSH IGC in Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi, Pakistan. We provide the most satisfying experience to our students for choosing us among all the other NEBOSH course providers in Pakistan. Some perks of choosing PSS for NEBOSH training in Pakistan are:


NEBOSH course with PSS comes with following the advantages:


NEBOSH (National examination board in occupational safety and health) is a globally recognized organization that provides internationally accredited health and safety qualifications.

Upon completing the NEBOSH IGC course, the person can work as a Health and Safety Manager, Risk Assessor, Warehouse Manager, Construction Site Manager, Health and Safety Specialist, Health and Safety Auditor, or Health and Safety Advisor.

NEBOSH IGC course can help to:

✓  Reduce workplace injuries and ill-health.

✓  Boost employee wellbeing.

✓ Demonstrate your commitment to health and safety, which can help win business.

✓  Reinforce your health and safety culture.

Make sure your organization has sufficient in house health and safety expertise.

The NEBOSH International General Certificate (IGC) is a worldwide recognized certificate in health and safety, environmental management, and fire safety that has been trending on the market for more than 20+ years and has been accredited and credit-rated by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA).

NEBOSH IGC course is the right choice for personnel working in all fields and can help with workplace health and safety risk management.

There are no such entry requirements for NEBOSH IGC, but preference will be given to those with minimum intermediate or A-Level. Also, good English communication is equivalent to IELTS band 6 or an additional point.

The duration of this course is ten days face to face or online.

NEBOSH IGC has high demand in the market for Health & Safety, which lets students extend their strengths and secure high-paying jobs internationally.



NEBOSH  IGC Course FeeRS/. 130,000/- PKR
NEBOSH IGC Session Date12th – 24th -Jan – 2024
NEBOSH  Course Timing10:00 AM TO 5:00 PM
NEBOSH Course Duration10 – Days Classroom + Distance Learning Session
REG. Deadline5th – Jan –  2024
Venue & TimeLahore Pakistan

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